About me

I’m Fuinur, i was born in october 1992 in Rome, Italy.

I’ve always loved videogames, comics, books and movies since i was a child. I’v started to do cosplay in 2008 as Nana Osaki and i loved this hobby immediately. I love sew and create my cosplays, from the clothes to the props.

I’ve started to do Lara Croft cosplay in 2011, that is my favourite character. Indeed in 1997 at only 5 years old i’ve started to play Tomb Raider, and my favourite one is Tomb Raider II! I love to do all the possible version of Lara Croft, and i want to do them all! I also like to change character sometimes, i’ve do Ciri and Nana in 2016 and Babydoll in 2015.

Sometimes i’ve worked as cosplayer too:
In 2013 i’ve won at Vigamus (videogames museum in Rome) as best Lara’s interpretation
In 2014 i’ve work for a Cosplay agency (Cosmoviex, now Epicos).

In 2015 i’ve filmed a short film, worked with Microsoft as Lara Croft cosplayer both in Lucca Comics & Games and in the event “Future Decoded” in Rome. I’ve also worked in some Cosplay Conventions.

In 2016 i’ve worked as actress in the music video “CULT” by Emis Killa, an Italian rapper. In October 2016 i became an Official Lara Croft Cosplayer for Italy and i will be in the book “20 years of Tomb Raider” by Meagan Marie.